Serve with Media & Communications

Help us create dynamic, life-changing experiences and atmospheres, whether it be with videos, stage designs, sermon illustrations, or other creative elements.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Don't be hesitant stepping into a technical role if you are not technically savvy. We provide professional training for all these vital positions listed below. If you feel led to serve in media, click on the SIGN UP NOW button above and we will follow-up with you!

Broadcast Video Director: Responsible for assisting our Staff Team in  capturing high quality live video production of all services and special events for delivery of content at  our onsite campus, remote locations, and streaming services. Video Switching experience is not required, however, a good knowledge of how a professional video switcher works is a must. 

Broadcast Audio Mixing Engineer: Using a digital audio split from our worship center, this team member will mix live for campus BGM, live internet streaming, and long term archival storage. Audio mixing experience is not required, but very helpful.  

House Audio Mixing Engineer/Assistant: Mixing live up to 128 channels in our worship services and special events. Audio mixing experience is not required, but very helpful in our training process.

Monitor Mixing Engineer/Assistant: Mixing the IEM audio for all band musicians, praise team, orchestra, Worship Leaders and choir during worship services and special events.

Manned Camera Operator: Operate the cameras that help engage people in worship in the service, our live web stream and around campus during our services and special events. Some camera experience is helpful, but not required. 

Robotic Camera Operator: Operate the PTZ Robotic cameras that help engage people in worship in the service, our live web stream and around campus during our services and special events. Some camera experience is helpful, but not required. 

Graphics/Prompter Operator: Displays song lyrics, sermon scriptures/points and other graphics on the screens for our services. Also responsible for displaying the song lyrics and notes for our Worship Leaders and Speakers during our services. We use Apple computers using ProPresenter as our platform. Some computer experience with presentation software is helpful but not required.  

Video Engineer: Responsible for shading cameras, routing video/audio feed and managing the record decks during the services. No experience required.  

Lighting Operator: Responsible for selecting light cues and bringing up house/stage lighting under the direction of our Technical Director during services and special events. 

Stage Director: Responsible for all stage transitions that happen on stage during select services and special events. The director oversees moving props, visual aids, staging, microphones, items, etc into place on stage as well as cuing speakers and musicians when to enter and exit the stage when needed. 

Photography & Filmmaking: If you love carrying a camera wherever you go and capturing moments, this is your team! We have the privilege of capturing the moments and stories at Crossgates that tell a greater story of what’s happening within our church family. 

Design: If you’re interested in developing or using your gift in art, whether it be graphic design, illustration, painting, or drawing, we’d love to connect with you.

Environmental Design: We are always looking to create spaces that are both fun and fresh. If you have a gift of set design, interior/exterior design, we’d love to help you discover how your gifts can be used at Crossgates. 

Online Campus Chat Host: Help welcome and engage online guests and attendees on multiple streaming platforms (Facebook, YouTube, and Subsplash).  

Social Media: Assist our Staff Comms Team in capturing and posting social media content from around campus during services and events. 

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Translation Team Leader (ASL): If you know ASL, come use your skillset to serve and help our Deaf & Hard of Hearing community. This not only helps the local Deaf & Hard of Hearing community, but this is also live-streamed so many benefit from this service.

*Since Media Ministry is a technical team, you may have more in-depth questions, please fill out the information form HERE and we will contact you to talk more.