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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) PANDEMIC

As we move forward, we will continue to update our schedule week to week. Please check back here daily for updates and for us to stay connected as a church family.

In order to receive important updates, join our
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Holy Week Devotion with David Jett:
Monday, April 6: PART 1

During Holy Week (Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday), Bro. David will be releasing daily devotions.  Please watch and share with your friends and family.  Happy Easter!  He Has Risen!!

Staying Spiritually Connected with God for Adults

It is so easy in this time of news reports and information that is more negative than positive for us all to lose site of hearing from God. Below are just few ways to stay connected with God through Worship.  Check back often to this section as content will be added as soon as it becomes available.

A Personalized Scripture Prayer for You - Psalm 91

Bro. David has mentioned this Personalized Scripture Prayer the last two weeks in his sermons in order for you to pray through daily.  We wanted to make it available to you in a downloaded format that you can keep and even print and place in your Bible.  Now more than ever, we need to come together unified in prayer!

Connect with God this week in the following ways:

#1: If you did not watch the Sunday Morning Worship Encounter from April 5, at 9 AM, catch up here.
#2: Watch "After the Message: Episode 3 from April 5 at 6 PM" - Dig deeper into the Latest Sunday Morning Message together in a discussion-based setting.
#4: Watch the Women's Wednesday Bible Study with Kelly Collins, from April 1, at 6 PM.  John writes to a local congregation to abide in truth, watch for deceivers and continue in the Gospel.
#3: Watch the Wednesday Bible Study with Associate Pastor, Brad Randall, from April 1, at 6 PM.

Keeping our Senior Adults Connected 

Do you know of a senior adult in our community that does not have a computer, internet access, or a smart phone and wants access to the Sunday and Wednesday Sermons? Share the Sermon by Phone numbers with them.
Dial 601-202-9501 for SUNDAYS and Dial 601-202-4450 for WEDNESDAYS.
Watch every time we are streaming LIVE at our Online Internet Campus.  Our next LIVE event will be the Sunday LIVE AM Worship Encounters at 9 and 10:30 AM by clicking the Watch Live Services button or by visiting

Staying Spiritually Connected with God for Students

Worship Resources by Group

Just because we cannot worship inside the church building, we can still worship together in our specific worship times by age/grade groups.  Below you will see buttons to take you to worship resources pages from Preschool, Kids, NextGen, & Young Adult Ministries at Crossgates! 

As pastor encouraged us, we need to continue pouring into our relationships with our families and LifeGroups. Please stay within the limitation guidelines recommended by our governing authorities.

Adult LifeGroups via Zoom Virtual Meeting Rooms

We encourage every LifeGroup to set a designated time to meet together virtually. We will be using a conferencing system called Zoom that allows your LifeGroup leader to host an online face to face conference with up to 100 people. With the Stay in Home orders in place as of Friday, April 3, please be honor the request of our governing authorities to not meet together in groups physically to do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19. If you are already a member of a LifeGroup at Crossgates, your small group leader has already or will be contacting you about how they will be connecting together virtually until further notice.

In Mark 12:30-31, Jesus commands us to love God and our neighbors.  Times of crisis provide an excellent opportunity for us to strengthen our relationships with neighbors, coworkers, and those we are pointing towards Christ.

  • Be mindful of your neighbors and coworkers and be willing to offer words of peace during times that seem chaotic.
  • If you have not yet met your immediate neighbors, use this time to intentionally meet them.  This can be as simple as knocking on their door, introducing yourself and saying, “I’m checking on all of my neighbors during this time to make sure that they are okay.”  This can be a great conversation starter. 
  • You can also help meet a neighbor’s needs.  If you are preparing to go to the grocery store, ask your neighbor if there is anything you can pick up for them.  Or, if you know that your neighbor likes a specific item, pick it up for them and surprise them with it.
  • As you grocery shop, pick up extra packages of muffin mix or cookie dough and bless your neighbors or coworkers with a treat.
  • Use these opportunities to plant Gospel seeds.  The Gospel provides hope, and everyone can benefit from a message of hope. 
We encourage you to invite your neighbors and coworkers to join us at Crossgates for Easter services.  We have invite cards available that you can use.  We know at this point Easter might look a little different and still be online-only, but you can still use the cards to reference Easter coming up and how to watch together. If you would like invite cards, please email us at with your complete name, mailing address and the number of invite cards you would like.  We will be glad to mail them to you.

Latest Sunday AM Sermon

The Father’s Love Presented

April 5, 2020 • David Jett • 9 AM Sunday Morning Worship Encounter • John 14:8-11
The clearest picture of the Father’s love is portrayed in the life of Jesus! This is PROFOUND!!! Jesus’ LOVE for people PRESENTS the Father’s LOVE for people!!!
Jesus’ COMPASSION for people PRESENTS the Father’s COMPASSION for people!!!

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