Leadership TEAM

Pastors & Ministry Staff

Senior Pastor

Kyle Reno

Kyle has a deep desire to be a part of a movement marked by men embracing their role in the story of God. His passion for ministry was shaped when he came to Christ at 19 through the investment of his baseball coach and a local church in Gardendale, AL.

Kyle serves as our Senior Pastor with prayer-filled dreams of Crossgates Church playing a part in the move of God across America, our state, our county, and our city.

Kyle and his incredible wife, Katie, have been blessed with four sons and one daughter.

If you need to contact Pastor Kyle, please reach out to Janet Lombardo at 601-824-2752 or jlombardo@crossgates.org
Kyle Reno

Senior TEAM

David Briggs

Executive Pastor of Operations
PHONE: 601.824.2705
EMAIL: dbriggs@crossgates.org

Jonathan Henderson

Worship Pastor
PHONE: 601.824.2738
EMAIL: jhenderson@crossgates.org

Brad Randall

Associate Pastor of Families
PHONE: 601.824.2704
EMAIL: brandall@crossgates.org

Jeremy Loden

Director of Media
PHONE: 601.824.2703
EMAIL: jloden@crossgates.org

Ben Boyd

Executive Pastor of Ministry
PHONE: 601.824.2713
EMAIL: bboyd@crossgates.org

S. Ross

OneHope Pastor
PHONE: 601.825.2562
EMAIL: sross@crossgates.org

David Jett

Teaching Pastor
PHONE: 601.824.2752
EMAIL: djett@crossgates.org

Ministry TEAM

Brielle West

Worship Associate
PHONE: 601.824.2713
EMAIL: bwest@crossgates.org

Will Brown

Kids Ministry Pastor
PHONE: 601.824.2750
EMAIL: wbrown@crossgates.org

Alan Cagle

Pastor of Leadership Development
PHONE: 601.824.2757
EMAIL: acagle@crossgates.org

David Cherry

Facilities Pastor
PHONE: 601.824.2730
EMAIL: dcherry@crossgates.org

Jon Graef

Member Care Pastor
PHONE: 601.824.2749
EMAIL: jgraef@crossgates.org

Liz Shows

Worship Ministry Assistant
PHONE: 601.824.2763
EMAIL: lshows@crossgates.org

Bennon Hodges

NextGen Pastor
PHONE: 601.824.2706
EMAIL: bhodges@crossgates.org

Rachel Hudson

Kids Ministry Director
PHONE: 601.824.2724
EMAIL: rhudson@crossgates.org

Jennifer Merchant

Girls Ministry Director
PHONE: 601.824.2717
EMAIL: jmerchant@crossgates.org

Adam Morgan

NextGen Pastor
PHONE: 601.824.2720
EMAIL: amorgan@crossgates.org

Lori Schuler

Member Care/Prime Timers 55+ Director
PHONE: 601.824.2721
EMAIL: lschuler@crossgates.org

Claude Shufelt

Member Care Pastor
PHONE: 601.824.2718
EMAIL: cshufelt@crossgates.org

Gina Sullivan

KingSingers/SWA Director
PHONE: 601.824.2719
EMAIL: gsullivan@crossgates.org

Ryan Wade

Community Outreach Pastor
PHONE: 601.824.2746
EMAIL: rwade@crossgates.org

Syble Courtney

Member Care/Prime Timers 55+ Assistant
PHONE: 601.824.2721
EMAIL: scourtney@crossgates.org

Elaine Cagle

Discipleship Ministry Assistant
PHONE: 601.824.2718
EMAIL: ecagle@crossgates.org

Carey Goza

Weekday Preschool Director
PHONE: 601.824.2719
EMAIL: cgoza@crossgates.org

Sydney Charlton

OneHope Ministry Assistant
PHONE: 601.824.2746
EMAIL: scharlton@crossgates.org

Kathy Wolfe

Business Administrator
PHONE: 601.824.2709
EMAIL: kwolfe@crossgates.org