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Latest Sunday Morning Service 

"Walking in Daily Victory"

October 1 • David Jett • 9  AM Sunday Worship Service • 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24

In this message from October 1, Senior Pastor, David Jett, shares a message out of 1 Thessalonians 5:23–24 in which he spoke about how the WORD of God illuminated by the SPIRIT of God reveals the TRUTH of God!

Latest Wednesday Morning Worship

"Unmasking the Mystery"

September 27 • David Jett • 10:30  AM Wednesday Morning Worship • Ephesians 3:1-13

Unmasking the Mystery - Wednesday Morning Worship from September 27, 2023.

The Good News of Jesus is NOT to be heard as INFORMATION that needs CONSIDERATION, but as REVELATION that causes TRANSFORMATION

Latest Wednesday Men's Bible Study

"The Parables: Images of God’s Kingdom - The Lost Sheep & Lost Coin"

September 27 • Brad Randall • 6 PM Men's Wednesday Evening Bible Study  

In this weeks study, Brad discusses the parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin, emphasizing several key points:

Jesus chases after sinners: The parables illustrate how Jesus actively seeks out those who are lost and in need of salvation. He pursues sinners with the intention of bringing them back to Him, demonstrating His love and care for them.

He cares for the 99: While Jesus goes after the one lost sheep or coin, He does not neglect or abandon the 99 who are safe. This highlights His concern for all, emphasizing that those who are righteous still matter to Him.

Heaven rejoices: The parables emphasize the immense joy and celebration in heaven when even one sinner repents and turns to God. This celebration underscores the preciousness and worth that God places on each individual.

God's love for the lost: The parables illustrate how God values and treasures those who are lost, much like a precious coin or sheep. His love and pursuit of the lost reflect His desire for repentance and salvation.

Overall, the parables highlight God's relentless pursuit of sinners, His care for all, and the incredible celebration that occurs in heaven when a lost soul is found and restored.

Latest Wednesday Women's Bible Study


September 27 • Kelly Collins • 6 PM Women's Wednesday Evening Bible Study • Ruth 4

In our final week in Ruth we will see the end of this beautiful story and how God brings hope from despair, bitterness to blessing and makes the empty, full! We will also see the end of Ruth pointing us forward to God’s great story of redemption and the sovereignty with which He reigns!

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