Serve with Food Service

Current Volunteer Opportunities

OneHope Café Team Leader: Lead our OneHope Café team in helping with the weekly schedule and other things as given by the Director of Food Service/OneHope Missions Ministry. 

OneHope Café Checkout Team: Enter sale products into our Point-of-Sale system and take payments from guests during café serving times. 

OneHope Café Serving/Prep Team: Make coffee, grab a snack or biscuit during café serving times. 

OneHope Kitchen Checkout Team: Enter orders by Last Name into our Point-of-Sale system during Mid-Week Meal serving times. 

OneHope Kitchen Dish Washing Team: Hey...someone has to do it! If you like being behind-the-scenes and ok getting a little wet, this is the Team for you. 

OneHope Kitchen Food Serving Team: Help serve food/drinks/desserts during our Mid-Week Meals. 

OneHope Kitchen Guest Experience Team: Help Wednesday Mid-Week Meal guests to their tables, refill drinks, and generally assist families as needs arise.