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GLOBAL Mission Partners & Opportunities

Now is the time to make plans for your next mission trip and become part of all God is doing through OneHope around the world!  2023 mission trip dates are listed below.


Partner: Corey and Lindsay Hughes
Corey and Lindsay serve the people on the island of Exuma, Bahamas. Teams engage in community ministry activities such as children’s ministry, sports outreach, worship arts and construction.
  • May 28-June3                            Worship Team


Partner: Tony and Mickie West

Tony and Mickie serve in Galette Chambon, Haiti, by operating a medical clinic and providing other community based services, which include children’s ministry, English classes, Bible studies and motherhood seminars.
  • Due to the political situation in Haiti, teams are not currently traveling.  Dates will be determined once the situation becomes safer.


Partner:  Armand and Janet Lombardo
The Mexico Outreach Center partners with churches in Parras to meet physical and spiritual needs within the city and in surrounding villages.
  • January 21-28         Maintenance
  • March 11-17                     Nextgen High School Guys
  • April 29-May 6               Intercessory Prayer
  • July 22-29                       Baseball Outreach
  • September 2-9                   Medical/Dental
  • October 28-November 4     Discipleship Training 

North Africa

Partner:  Unable to disclose due to security reasons
God is drawing many to Christ in this predominantly Muslim region. Ministry focus areas include evangelism, discipleship, leadership training and Bible education.
  • March 22-April 21 (Ramadan)    30 Days of Prayer
  • Spring TBD                         Unreached People Group
  • Fall TBD                      Unreached People Group


Partner: Randy and Kim Bridges
Exodus House International strengthens and restores families through after-school care, feeding programs, church planting and prison outreach.
Mission teams will be coordinated through sponsoring LifeGroups.  In some cases, these teams will be promoted church wide.

Middle East

Partner:  Alina V.
Alina serves women and children who have faced abuse.  In the country where she serves, 75% of all women will experience some form of abuse during their lives.  God is using Alina to see freedom, restoration and salvation in the lives of these women and children.    
Due to the specific nature of this ministry, mission trips will be planned on an as-needed basis.
Must be at least 18 years old to participate.


Partner:  Unable to disclose due to security reasons
This ministry focuses on reaching students and young professionals with the Gospel of Christ.
Mission trip activities will become more specific as ministry is established.
Must be at least 18 years old to participate.


Central Asia

Partner:  Global Gates
Global Gates reaches unreached people groups that have migrated to gateway cities.  Crossgates is partnering with Global Gates to reach two people groups in Toronto who come from other parts of the world where we currently serve.  
Must be at least 18 years old to participate.
Partner:  Unable to disclose due to security reasons
Central Asia is home to a number of closed countries and a few of the most unreached people groups on earth.  Through evangelism, discipleship and leadership training, Crossgates is helping to reach these groups.
Must be at least 18 years old to participate.


Partner:  Church Planter in Provo
Provo is one of the least reached cities in America. Ministry focus areas include church planting, campus outreach and Bible studies.
  • June 16-23                                       Girls Ministry Trip


Partner: IMB Missionary
Crossgates' College Ministry partners with missionaries in Croatia each summer to host an English camp.
Contributions to mission partners should be made directly to their organizations.  Any contribution made to Crossgates on behalf of a mission partner will go into our general missions account which benefits all of our mission partners.

Connect with us to stay informed on these opportunities and other opportunities that will arise.

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