- Family Advent Christmas Devotion Book -

Are you wondering how to adapt the Beyond the Stable devotions for your family?

If you have preschoolers or young elementary aged children, invite them to be a part of the devotion by acting out the Scripture you read. Assign each child and anyone else in your home a part in the story, and as you read, instruct them to act out what their assignment is doing.

If you have older elementary aged children, invite them to read the Scripture aloud, and then ask them to respond to different questions about it. Allow them to be a part of telling the story to younger children!

If you have middle schoolers, invite them to read the Scripture aloud or on their own and then ask them, “What did that teach you about God and people?” Allow their answer to lead to an intentional conversation about what you have learned about God in your walk with Him!

If you have high schoolers, invite them to read the personal devotion before doing the family devotion together and talk about what stood out to them, what verses stuck with them, and what they are still wondering.

We hope that these devotions will begin intentional conversations about how much your family is loved by God! Carve out time to have these moments this month. And allow it to spur you on in the New Year to continue this habit of leading your family in reading and talking about God’s Word!

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