On Sundays, please use the following resources to include your preschoolers in family worship! We will add a LifeGroup lesson, a special JAM video, and a listening guide (age appropriate) that will accompany Pastor’s sermon.
We would love for your family to worship with you while you watch the sermon each Sunday morning. Either print out the listening guide or use ours to create your own on paper at your house! Even if it seems like your preshoolers are in their own world, they are listening! Use the LifeGroup and JAM Worship resources to create some normalcy for your preschoolers on Sundays.

Watch Preschool Worship (JAM) from Sunday, April 5

Preschool LifeGroup Lesson Download from Sunday, April 5

Click to download a printable PDF below.  These are designed for Ages 1s - Kindergarten.

Holy Week Daily Devotions

STEP 1: Watch the Daily Easter Family Devotional from our friends at RIghtNow Media.  If you do not have a RightNow Media account, you are missing out on TONS of Kids Biblical programs for FREE, compliments of Crossgates.  Click here for your complimentary RightNow Media Family Membership!
STEP 2: Take time to share the importance of Holy Week with your children.  
Below you will see an activity you can do as a family and includes daily conversations revolving around this special week.  
Walk through the order:
#1-READ, #2-THINK, #3-PRAY, & #4-DO

MIX IT UP MONDAY for April 6

We will be posting something each day on our Crossgates Kids social media accounts to challenge your family to do something during the day, take a picture of it, and put it in the comments of the post on Facebook or tag us in your story on Instagram. 
Be sure to follow us so you don’t miss any of the challenges.
Monday: Mix it Up Monday
We will give you a photo scavenger hunt challenge.
Tuesday: Try it Out Tuesday
We will give you a craft or a recipe to try out as a family.
Wednesday: Wild Wednesday
We will give you a challenge that has to be completed outside.
Thursday: Thoughtful Thursday
We will challenge you to interact with or do something for your neighbors.
Friday: Fun Friday
We will give you a challenge to be completed inside.
Saturday: Set it Up Saturday
We will make sure you know where to find all of the resources you will need to do church online as a family on Sunday.
Sunday: LifeGroups and Worship
We want to see pictures and videos of your family worshipping and learning together.

Parenting is an important job!

You want to get it right and raise great kids. We want to help!

We have a plan to help every child learn about & discover Jesus, no matter their age!

Your Preschooler will learn:

Preschool Ministry Times

Preschool Activities: Sundays at 8 AM, 9 AM, &10:30 AM

Preschool Worship: Sundays at 9 AM & 10:30 AM

Your six week through five year old will love Sunday Mornings in Preschool Ministry at Crossgates!  You child will have a blast from a great Bible lesson in LifeGroup, all the way to Preschool Worship in The Treehouse...a worship environment designed with your preschooler in mind.

KingSingers  - Wednesdays at 6 PM

We don't just have fun on Sundays...we save enough for a mid-week boost as well!  On Wednesdays during the school semester, we have Children's choirs that we call KingSingers.  It is not just music though...your preschool aged student will learn about Jesus through special  Bible teaching times, art, and play.

Just for Parents...

Engage at home

Ideas and resources for parents to do with their children that is fun but most importantly helps them learn more about Jesus!

Start a faith conversation

Click icon to download a sheet about how to teach preschoolers about how to start and have a relationship with Jesus even at a very young age.

Join our Preschool Serve Team

We cannot do it all just as a staff team.  It takes many, many volunteers just like you each and every week.  Learn how you can get connected and plugged into serving in Preschool ministry no matter you age!

Events coming up

There are always fun events to be apart of as a family outside of the normal Wednesday & Sunday experience.  Take a look below at the latest Preschool Ministry events !

Meet our Preschool Ministry Team.

Kathy Nelson

Preschool Ministry Director | 601.824.2731

Mandy Donald

Preschool Worship Coordinator

Gina Sullivan

KingSingers Director

Stacey West

Administrative Assistant:
Preschool Ministry

Carey Goza

Weekday Preschool Ministry Director | 601.824.2734

Victoria Renegar

K3-K4 Program Director | 601.824.2735

Ashley Short

Mother's Morning Out Program Director | 601.824.2751

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