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First Place 4 Health – FALL 2017 SESSION

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What Makes First Place 4 Health Unique?

Bible study, prayer and Scripture memory.
Addressing the whole person, emotions, 
mind, body and spirit.
SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY through small groups.

What is First Place 4 Health (FP4H)?

The FP4H program is the result of godly desire placed in the hearts of a group of Christians in Houston, Texas, in 1981.  The result was a Christ-Centered weight loss and healthy living program that focuses on the four essentials of health and well-being: the mind, emotions, body and spirit!  This total-health program is not just about helping you lose weight; it’s about making a life-style change that will last a lifetime!  Whether you would like to lose weight or want to improve/maintain your health, see how putting God first will lead you to find balance and wholeness in all areas of your life!

This program is for Men, Women and Youth!

“Friends I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do.  Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead. I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which
God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:13-14

Session Begins: THURSDAY, AUGUST 24
Class time: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM  – WOMEN ONLY CLASS will meet in the ULRR – NO CHILDCARE


For more information, contact Martha McCullough at or 601.506.5482

DO NOT MISS THIS FALL SESSION – “Start Losing, Start Living”!

For more information, contact Martha McCullough at 601.506.5482 or

You can also find helpful information at the main First Place 4 Health website –

Where to begin????

Trials and tribulations are an everyday factor of my life.  I am quite sure that they are a factor in most every person’s life.  But how we handle those trials and tribulations are what make or break us.  And I had been letting them control my life rather than letting God control them.

I have struggled with weight since the birth of my children.  I did not have as many problems losing after the first child, but never lost after the second.  I used the excuse of being “too busy” to do anything about it on a consistent basis and therefore, continued to gain.   I began a cycle of gain/lose; gain/lose by trying all the fad diets that were popular at the time.  The problem was always the same, start out strong, lose some, then stop and gain all the weight plus some back.  I would try to incorporate some new form of exercise or new magical exercise machine into the plan, but soon find it boring or too hard and stop that also.

In December 2007, I saw a sign at church showing a new Christian based weight loss program that was being offered, First Place 4 Health.  I pondered over signing up because I had the nagging feeling in the back of my mind that it would be another failure where I would once again be wasting money and time.  But there was something definitely different about this program.  It had “God” involved.  All the testimonies that I read were phenomenal, not just because of the weight loss, but because they had balanced their lives in all areas:  spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.

So, I prayed, talked to my better half and wrote out the check.  I was excited to begin.  We had a huge kick-off in January 2008.  I started out well and was losing weight weekly.  I had made friends that I knew were there for me and cared.  Then a family “major trial” hit, and yes, I did it.  I gave in.  I quit going to First Place.  And before I knew it, I was back to my old ways of eating and gaining.  Emotional eating had taken control of me again.  I did not let God take control.

I joined again when the fall session started and quit again.  At that point, gave up on First Place and sank back into the shameful person I had become before.  I was back up to my almost heaviest weight, 220, with 230 being the heaviest.

I was always ashamed to go anywhere.  I did not feel like doing anything.  I had high blood pressure.  I had very low self-esteem.  I hardly did any outside activities. I did not have the energy to play with my precious grandchildren.   I only had friends at work.  I was sure that my husband did not want to take me places because he did not want to have to introduce me to anyone new.  I could not find “cute” clothes to wear, and l love to shop!  I was at a very low spot, depressed to say the least.

I talked to a friend that had not given up on me completely, Joyce Ainsworth, who is the area leader for First Place. She convinced me to come back.  So I once again signed up. This would be the January 2011 session.  I had lost some weight on my own between my last “give up” time and sign up.   I started off at 190 pounds.  I was committed.  I was following the plan.  God was with me and He was the Center.  I found a way to help be a part of the team in the class and this gave me additional inspiration.

Then the “Real Thing” happened.  Joyce came to me and asked a question that I still wonder about!  First, let me say, she is an exercise fanatic and I was an exercise hater.  This was close to the end of February.  She said, “If I join the gym, will you commit to go with me EVERY DAY during the month of March?”  I almost passed out.  EVERY DAY, was she crazy or on drugs?  I told her she could have at least thought about that in February since it had only 28 days, but no, wait until a 31-day month.  Our Pastor had just brought a sermon about commitment and vows.  Well, I did not answer immediately.  I took it serious.  I prayed hard, because that is a long time.  Now, I was the first to know that I needed it more than anyone, but also that it would be very difficult for me to do.  I had been a member of the gym for years and hardly ever even stepped foot in the building.  I now believe that this was a way that God was showing me how I was not being a good steward of my money, much less taking care of His temple.  And believe it or not, I made the commitment to Joyce.  She joined and we began our exercise regimen.  We completed March 2011 going EVERY DAY BUT TWO.  WOW!!! What an accomplishment; and what a kick-start!  I had spiritual growth, emotional growth, fantastic friendship growth and ended the session with a loss of 29 pounds.  I never really understood until this session that my body is God’s temple not just mine to do as I pleased.  I had heard it often, but never understood it and took it to heart.  It does matter to God what I put into my body!

My goal weight is 130 so I still have a lot to go, but I will not give up.  I will continue to put God first and ask him to guide me on the course that he has set out for me.  I will continue to have trials and tribulations, but my prayer is to let God control them, not myself.  I will have uphill battles and get off course at times.  But my prayer will be that God will always keep me close and keep my husband, my  core friends (Joyce, Kathy and Donna) and family close to me to push me back on track and not let me quit, ever….I no longer feel ashamed….I enjoy playing with my grandchildren….I enjoy going places with my husband….I love to shop for clothes in the “normal size” section….I do not have high blood pressure….PRAISE GOD…HE DESERVES ALL THE GLORY AND HONOR!  Without Him I could not have come this far. I love you Lord.

In His Loving Name,

Brenda Carter